Fundamentals of Selling

It's indisbutable that most people who become financially successful do so because they develop the skills required to become a good salesperson. While developing these skills does require an understanding of people and some practice, there is nothing preventing you from getting your satart in sales - not your age, your gender, your troubled childhoor or lack of hair - absolutely nothing!

This course is your doorway in to an exciting a profitable acreer that allows you to help other people get what they need all while helping you to create a great living and lifestyle. When you take Fundamentals of Sales you will learn how you can apply skills you already have toward finding the right people to talk to, listening to tem and identifying their needs and then helping them to get what they want to solve their problems all while making a positive change in your life and theirs. Get one full year of access to all lesson videos and materials for only $349!

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Course Level: Intermediate (There are no prerequisites for taking this course but some content assumes a basic understanding of digital campaign management and planning experience.)

This course will help you explore the art of selling from the ground up as you lay down a solid foundation of sales understanding and then build on top of it a deeper understanding of why people buy, how to create a memorable customer experience, how to approach and deal with sales adversity and objections along with a complete walkthrough of the sales cycle where you will learn how find people to sell to, qualify them so you don't end up wasting time with 'tire kickers' and creating a value proposition that will lead to a closed deals.

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Every lesson comes with the slides used in the presentation so you can print them out and follow along. Because these lessons were designed to share a lot of sales insight, you will find yourself getting up to speed quickly as you cover:

  • Lesson 1 - Selling Philosophies
  • Lesson 2 - Getting Started in Sales
  • Lesson 3 - Selling Basics
  • Lesson 4 - The Consumer Experience
  • Lesson 5 - Managing Selling Adversity
  • Lesson 6 - The Sales Cycle - Prospecting
  • Lesson 7 - The Sales Cycle - Qualifying
  • Lesson 8 - The Sales Cycle - Making Contact
  • Lesson 9 - The Sales Cycle - Presenting Value
  • Lesson 10 - The Sales Cycle - Managing Concerns
  • Lesson 11 - The Sales Cycle - Closing Sales
  • Lesson 12 - The Sales Cycle - Referrals and Account Management

If you were to take this course as a workshop, it would cost you nearly $1000 in tuition and travel costs. For one-third of that you can get the same professional advice while working at your own pace and on your own schedule. Not only that, but unlike workshops, when you subscribe to this course you get access to it for one full year. This means that you can review the lessons as many times as you would like until to have a full understanding of the insights being shared.

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Course Runtime: 7 hours

Year created: 2017

Price: $349 per seat